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Strategic Communications

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strategic communications

strategic comms

Communication is integral to every part of your organisation. From improving employee engagement and maintaining strong relationships with your key stakeholders, to managing your brand reputation and growing your target audience. We offer a strategic communications consultation service providing advice and strategies for both internal and external communication needs.

crisis & Issues

Be ready for anything. Issues and crisis often go hand-in-hand. With issues becoming crises if they’re not identified, managed, or prepared for. The organisational benefits of issues management alone is worth addressing. Being proactive towards the risks and issues of your organisation can turn threats into opportunities you can capitalise on. We offer strategic communications-based advice and guidance on all aspects of issues and crisis, as well as change management for assisting with any organisational adjustments you need to make.

media relations

Present the best version of you. Building a rapport with journalists isn’t easy. Especially when they’re asking difficult questions, or pressing you for information you don’t have, or aren’t able to share. Our media expert provides advice and guidance for dealing with the media, as well as preparing you in advance of any media attention. We can also support you in handling the media on your behalf, in both reactive and proactive situations.   

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brand reputation

Protect your most important asset. Building and managing your brand’s reputation happens both internally within your organisation, and externally. Reputation is made up of your performance, behaviour and communication. We consult on every aspect of corporate communications. Internally, this involves employee communications, change management and issues management. Whilst externally, this covers integrated communications, community involvement and corporate social responsibility.

content creation

Build brand awareness and engage with your audience. Creating your own content, even knowing where to start, can be quite the conundrum. Irrespective of factoring in the time it takes too. As Strategic Communications Consultants, we work with you to create content plans and strategies for you to use to publish across your owned media channels. And if needed, we can support you with the creation process too.

other services

Communicate with confidence. We provide workshops and training sessions to empower our clients in oral, written and visual communication as well as key communications disciplines: issues and crisis management, reputation management, and corporate communications. 

Publish strong on-brand content. Your brand and its reputation depends on the content you create. We provide a content creation service producing visual and written content for our clients. We also create branding templates for you to produce on-brand content in-house too.