black lives matter

Position Statement

position statement

With the global outrage following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, we were tasked with producing a statement for an education establishment to explain their position and support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  

Careful consideration was needed in order to produce a statement that not only reflected the education provider's position and support, but that also showed an understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement and what it truly stands for. Through our research, we identified mitigation measures for our client and provided recommendations for changes in organisational culture and future strategy too.

Black Lives Matter


Due to the severity and the harrowing circumstances surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, it was important to make sure we approached this statement with a high level of understanding of what’s important to the BAME community and the changes that need to be made.

We spent time researching statements already issued by organisations and educational institutions, as well as gaining first-hand insight via the website. Paying particular attention to the Black Lives Matter 4 year Anniversary Report.

our approach

Through our research, we identified what is important to the BAME community in relation to the education sector:

This insight informed the production of a strong position statement that incorporated these key aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement.  

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mitigation measures


Using best practice crisis communication methods we created a position statement that covered three aspects: concern, action and reassurance. Ultimately, the statement required a confirmation of action that would be undertaken by our client with an ongoing commitment to support the Black Lives Matter movement.