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Content Creation

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Create strong visuals.

Nail your copy. 

Encourage engagement.

Build your brand. 

content creation

No more excuses! Creating content for your brand is an absolute must. After all, the evolution of the media landscape has resulted in a huge shift to ‘owned media’ (any online comms channels controlled by your brand). But whether you’re a seasoned pro or complete novice, creating content can feel like an insurmountable task.  Building an arsenal of content, as well as keeping on brand, can be quite time-consuming. At KMC, we can help you create the content you need and build a strategy for what content to create – if you need a little guidance in that arena too.  

Photo | Video

Your visual content is such a valuable part of your brand. How you visually present your organisation can make all the difference, especially when you’re trying to engage with your audience. We can work with you to create strong imagery and professionally shot video to support your brand’s communication strategy.


Compelling copy is our superpower. It’s not easy putting pen to paper when you want to make an impact. Whether you’re looking for an editor to turn your copy into powerful persuasive prose, or you’re looking to outsource every aspect of your content creation needs, we’ve got you.

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Book a one-to-one Coaching session with @kerryknightknows.
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social media

Building an engaged audience starts with your social presence. Creating on-brand content for your social channels supports you building your brand reputation. Let us create visual and written content that takes your social media game to the next level. Consistency is key on social. 

brand assets

Align your branding. Consistent branding across your social channels shows you mean business. If you need to fine tune your branding, create a brand style guide, or even branded templates for your in-house content creation, we can give you what you need.    

creative projects

other services

Strategic Communications. Communication is integral to every part of your organisation, internally and externally. We offer a communications  consultation service providing advice and strategies for both internal and external communication needs.

Communicate with confidence. We provide workshops and training sessions to empower our clients in oral, written and visual communication as well as key communications disciplines: issues and crisis management, reputation management, and corporate communications.